Flexible prices for foreign language courses - that’s how you stay on top of your game

The fees for our foreign language courses (except for German) apply to an anticipated minimum number of 10 participants, unless otherwise indicated. This system applies to standard, refresher and conversation courses in all languages except German, which take place once a week; in Esslingen as well as in all branch offices. (Other conditions apply to compact, intensive, weekend, student and children’s courses, exam prep courses, language courses for business purposes and one-time events.)

If the minimum number of participants cannot be reached, the course can be carried out at a small group rate; either with the same or a smaller number of lessons (please refer to the table for group sizes and fees).

For this reason, the first day of the course usually involves the group discussing whether and how the course is to take place. In doing so, the vhs accommodates for the wishes of many participants. This ensures that you can continue to learn and you receive individual support from our course instructors in a small group.

Compact and intensive courses usually consist of groups with 6 to 10 participants. The following also applies to these groups: If the minimum number of participants cannot be reached, the course can take place under different conditions.

Your course instructor will inform you of the various options on the first day of the course.

The calculation table does not apply to intensive/compact courses.

The following generally applies: For administrative reasons, decisions made cannot be revised, even if the size of the group changes in the course of the semester.