Consultation services and information

As a state-approved private school for talented persons of all ages and various professional careers, the Abendgymnasium (night school) Esslingen opens the door

Registration and class organisation

Do you want to reshape your future and use this exciting journey to obtain Mittlere Reife (middle school diploma), a Fachhochschulreife (qualification for entrance to universities of applied sciences) or Abitur (university entrance diploma). Then, I kindly invite you to our school.

Information evenings for interested parties

You can obtain information about the school and also enrol in a personal meeting with the headmaster and teachers at the information evenings.

Costs and funding opportunities

Student funding: During the last 1 ½ years prior to obtaining the Abitur (general qualification for university
entrance) students…

Abendgymnasium website

The Abendgymnasium has had its own website for quite some time now. Othis website, for instance, you can find information about life at school or current and upcoming dates.

You can access the website of the Abendgymnasium Esslingen here!

Abendgymnasium Esslingen

The Abendgymnasium Esslingen is an approved private school in accordance with the law on private schools. The Zweiter Bildungsweg e.V. has been funding the school since 01/08/2010.

Association’s executive committee:
Mayor Dr. Jürgen Zieger (1st chairman)
vhs Director Arne Zielinski (1st deputy)
Head of the Education Authority Bernd Berroth (2nd deputy)

Marianne Illi-Schraivogel

Lohwasen 1
73728 Esslingen

The Abendgymnasium is managed by the Volkshochschule.