Volkshochschule Esslingen’s mission statement

The Volkshochschule Esslingen am Neckar is the public provider of the city of Esslingen, the townships Altbach, Deizisau, Denkendorf, Hochdorf, Köngen, Reichenbach, and the city of Plochingen, for further education and lifelong learning.


The Volkshochschule Esslingen am Neckar is funded by the city of Esslingen am Neckar. The Volkshochschule is an owner-operated municipal enterprise and is responsible for the public opportunities of adult, vocational and further education in the aforementioned townships/cities, on a public-legal basis. The headquarters of the Volkshochschule Esslingen am Neckar are in the vhs building in Esslingen, Mettinger Str. 125, 73728 Esslingen am Neckar. Its educational courses are offered at the headquarters and also in the nearby Esslinger districts and the seven branch offices. These are overseen by the dedicated employees at the headquarters and in the branch offices, and supported by the cities and townships. The good cooperation between vhs headquarters, the branch offices and the course instructors enables the vhs programmes to be of a high quality and at the same time, to be planned and implemented cost-efficiently.

Mandate and values

With its programme, the Volkshochschule Esslingen am Neckar implements the mandate of the further education laws. It offers courses in the areas of society and life, general education, health and physical fitness, languages (German and foreign languages), culture and crafts, technology, second chance education and occupation and career for adults, teenagers and children. The courses are geared towards the demands and needs of the citizens in the Volkshochschule Esslingen am Neckar’s catchment area, towards the regional economy as labour market players and towards the cities’ and townships’ social and political tasks. They are freely accessible to anyone, as well as designed to meet target groups’ demands upon request. The Volkshochschule Esslingen am Neckar implements projects and measures, which are consistent with its mandate and the current social problems/questions in its municipalities.

By imparting professional, conclusion-oriented, professionally useful and social skills, the Volkshochschule Esslingen am Neckar is an important institution for regional development and municipal public services. It doing so, it makes an important contribution to integration into the labour market and to professional development.

Future prospects

As a learning organisation, the Volkshochschule will continue to adopt new developments in further education and put new cultures of learning to the test. The Volkshochschule will continue to be one of the most important educational institutions in its geographic area, due to its high quality educational work, the wide range of well-developed courses, the established service quality, the proximity to interested parties as well as to the interest groups, and due to its strong network within the educational and cultural landscape.

Responsible corporate culture

The Volkshochschule is based on:
• handling public funds in a responsible manner
• sustainable management and ecologically acceptable actions
• independence from political parties and religious groups
• realisation of gender equality
• personal responsibility, tolerance and integration
• quality, innovation and flexibility in regard to the offers in the programme
• continuous quality improvement
• socially acceptable pricing
• participation in fulfilling municipal tasks in the area of education

Educational principles

The Volkshochschule stands for:
• competent and friendly consultation
• implementation of new learning methods and up-to-date teaching materials
• continuous evaluation of educational needs
• low-threshold accessible courses

Service and Quality

The Volkshochschule attaches great importance to:
• a quality management system (EFQM) being introduced
• participant-friendly registration
• quick response times
• adequate reachability with public transportation
• excellent service times, open in the evening until 7:00 pm and Saturdays in the morning, as well as 24-hour availability via email and online
• wheelchair access to its own buildings
• clean classrooms and common rooms
• advanced training programmes for instructors and employees
• satisfaction surveys